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INTERNATIONAL PRESS ANNOUNCEMENT regarding the climate summit in Paris

The inability of the Belgian government to form one front with regards to a decent proposal at the UN climate summit this week in Paris, illustrates how  impossible it is for Belgium to form coherent policy, even in a matter as important as environment. The Flemish People’s Movement urgently proposes  a simple but elegant solution: the end of Belgium.

What happened so far

Six years. That’s how long it took four Belgian governments (the federal, the Flemish, the Walloon and the Brussels government) to not negotiate a Belgian climate proposal. The time it takes a student to get his Bachelors and Master-diploma and sometimes even more, Belgium has failed to do what almost every other country (183) at the UN summit achieved: present a coherent plan to improve our climate. No plan whatsoever, despite the fact that Belgium is sending a total of six ministers. In a mockery of events Belgium has even been presented with a special kind of reward: “fossil of the day” referring to its use of fossil fuel and its backwardness regarding that matter. But even more so: Belgium is a political fossil. As dinosaurs were not adapted to the changing environment and atmosphere, Belgium is not adapted to the needs of its citizens. Walloons and Flemings are fundamentally unable to cooperate in almost every field.

Belgium has evolved from a unitary state to a nontransparent federation with six governments. This situation is far from a solution for domestic problems, on the contrary. It is a downright drama in foreign affairs, where only sovereign states are recognized. Belgium often fails to play a constructive role, taking down the position of Belgium as a credible international partner.

What needs to happen

Belgium needs to stop being the sick man of Europe and put in an urgent request for euthanasia so Flanders and Wallonia can inherit. Instinctively one would argue that the more nations in Paris, the more difficult the international negotiation progress becomes; In many cases that would be true. But today Belgium doesn’t even have a position to negotiate (and just yesterday the Flemish government blocked off a preliminary accord).

As of today 196 countries are in Paris cooperating towards a better tomorrow for our children, while 183 are presenting a plan. If Belgium dissolves tomorrow in the separation of Flanders and Wallonia, 197 countries would attend in Paris while 185 present a plan. We would get two for one. We need to get two for one. Let’s not wait for the day after tomorrow.

The Flemish People’s movement (Vlaamse Volksbeweging) is a think tank and pressure group that strives towards (more) Flemish independence.


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